The Best & Worst Bets in the Casino

It is easy to make money while playing your favorite casino games. The abundance of casino games and betting options, however, offers the modern player with more than enough to chew. It is common to find a player in a dilemma when it comes to choosing ”the best” games to play or those to avoid.

The key to winning while playing real money games lies in making the right decisions. This is not about choosing the best game, you should also be conscious about the nature of bets that you will be placing. That said, here is a rundown of both best and worst bet types you could play at a casino.

Bets with the Lowest House Edge

Ideally, the best bets to play at a casino are those with a low house edge. Here are three decent bets that everyone playing for real money needs to try.

Main Blackjack Bet

Blackjack games offer a significantly low house edge compared to other casinos. It is even possible to reduce the house’s edge to 0.28%, which is impressive in all ways. However, it would help if you employed the optimal blackjack strategy, which allows the dealer to stand at soft 17 and gives you the chance to make a late surrender.

Baccarat’s Banker Hand

Baccarat players can bet on the player’s hand or the banker’s hand. Unlike the player’s hand with has a 1.24 house edge, the banker’s hand has an impressive house edge of 1.06%. While the difference in house edge between the two hands might not appear large numerically, it is undoubtedly massive while playing real money games.

Craps Don’t Come Bet

The Don’t Come Bet in craps is a perfect choice for players who wish to play safe and grow their bankroll. While these bets pay even money, they offer a reasonably low house advantage of 1.40%. Even better, players can reduce the house’s edge by combining the Don’t Come Bet with Free Odd Bets, which have practically no house edge. Ideally, incorporating the Free Odds bet might reduce the house’s edge from 1.40% to 0.83%.

Bets with the Highest House Edge

A high house edge reduces a player’s chances of winning. Although a bet with a relatively higher edge limits a player’s ability to win, they do not eliminate it altogether. Here are some bets with the highest house edge.


Keno offers one of the highest house edges. This lottery-based game has a terrible house edge, which ranges from 25% to 29%. However, the potentially large payouts are a key reason why bettors fancy playing keno.

Baccarat Tie Bet

The tie bet is among the worst bet you can place while playing baccarat. This game features a house edge of 14.36%. As such, this house edge should discourage you from placing this bet.

Sic Bo’s Two of a Kind Bet

The Two of a Kind bet in Sic Bo requires that a player predict two numbers that will appear on a die roll. This bet pays 15:1, but it also offers a significant house edge of 16.67%.

Most players fancy playing some casino games due to their low house edge, which translates to higher chances of winning. The main goal of gambling is to win, and of course, to have fun. Therefore, the best thing to do is to play a game that gives you the highest chances of winning.